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mio drag

mio drag

This Yamaha Mio Belt version Open All Star Drag Boy Yakuza 123% Ubon in Thailand. Modif Motor Yamaha Mio fixed match Tire Kit Yamaha Club Ubon MPs Vorasit eternity Contact Nan COMBIZ DUNLOP box Power Products APITECH FCCI little cushion 24 Wat Dan COM wheel wheel parts YOKO GAZI Author TRUSTY. MAGNUM product pipeline represents a formula DKT Engineering Drag Boy Yakuza 123% Ubon "to compete with each generation. And down several newspapers and books. With the aggressive driving style of Hardcore. Burning rubber with the emphatic This is a unique forest Gangster Boy you can see every field in the list of wild boy.
Gambar 1. Motor Drag Thailand by Drag Boy Yakuza 123%

Gambar 2. Motor Drag Thailand by Drag Boy Yakuza 123%

Gambar 3. Motor Drag Thailand by Drag Boy Yakuza 123%
Motor Drag Liar Yamaha Mio Matic Yellow
Yamaha Mio Matic Drag Bike Orange Chassis and Yellow body

YAMAHA MIO Nang Neng Speed Thai Drag Style

Prior to woo alias apply, it could not hurt to know the contents of this Mio daleman first. Do not regret later on. Well, Mio's Speed-Neng Nang is steadily filled with a piston diameter of 66 mm High Speed brand.

But the truth is to be feared is not the saja.Melainkankenaikansaja. But the increase in stroke is applied. "Stroke rose 16 mm disposable pen sliding method in crutch-as well as pen strokes added," go to Roy with the tone of his voice hoarse.

Patience cuy! 16 mm were not counted as a whole. Because if calculated as a whole, up and down strokes to be 32 mm. That means of 57.9 mm, length of stroke rose to 89.9 mm. Rounded, 90 mm. So, that means a cylinder capacity Mio is too swollen to be 307 cc.

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